Injuries have many parts to them.

The painful hurting body AND the frustration that “no one believes or understands what I’m going through”.

Added to these concerns is your financial loss due to the time off work as you recover. And the paperwork is always a source of irritation.

Our Solutions:

Get you out of pain as quickly as possible and stay with you until you feel like you did prior to the injury. We care for you with the safest most up-to-date care that is practiced today. We also give you physical therapies that speed your recovery and provide home therapies to control the pain.

We will make sure that everyone connected with your case has all the information in a concise, accurate and timely manner. Our clear professional reports have allowed almost every case to be settled prior to any court proceedings.

No out-of-pocket expenses for usual Worker’s Compensation Injuries and Automobile Accidents. Even some special cases requiring a mutual compensation agreement are patient friendly.

If your condition needs other specialists, we will always immediately refer you to the best doctors in Madison and coordinate your care for the best result possible!


 Many patients have questions or concerns that they would like to talk about with  Dr. Haase.
Please feel free to call to get in touch. We're always happy to hear from you!

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