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Laser Light Therapy

laser_light_copy.jpgWhat can Light Therapy do for me?

Cold laser or LED light therapy is a new way to treat muscle and joint pain. Amazing results are possible when used in conjunction with traditional therapy!

You have probably heard about light therapy for Pain Reduction. We use it to control or stop pain in the low back, neck, wrist (carpal tunnel), and with fibromyalgia and headaches. In addition, wound healing, inflammation reduction and circulation improvement are all part of Light Therapy.

How is the treatment done?

The light is emitted at a set frequency by a hand held device applied directly to the skin.

There is no pain with the procedure, and it takes only a few minutes per treatment. The number of treatments varies with the condition being treated. Most people feel a positive change in only 1 to 3 visits.

Do the effects last?

The cellular changes are permanent. Healing depends on a number of factors, which should be discussed with your doctor. As usual, the best results occur when combined with other therapies and lifestyle changes such as Chiropractic care and stretching.

Does it cost much?

No. The treatment is very cost effective.

How do I start treatment?

It’s easy. Contact Dr. Haase at Haase Chiropractic Care. Call (608) 444-0817 today and ask for a free consultation.

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